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Gta V 3dm Err No Launcher




yes i guess its i double clicking it in the filebrowser when it runs it I think it's something to do with Flash and it, but I dunno how. Hey, I forgot how to get sound from my webcam. Anyone remember how? tiox: is this an actual webcamm, or a webcam attached to a digital camera? I have a canon digital camera, and a webcam that I bought. But not sure which you wanna know about. tiox: i see. ubuntu might have a driver for it, but i don't remember. I have a Canon Camera that has two ways it can be hooked up. Digital and video. That's what I have. tiox can you find it in the output of lsusb On the laptop? Er, I have a USB link to the camera. My issue is with my laptop's webcam. tiox yes, a link is a cable, correct? Correct. If you want, I can connect my camera and use it. The webcam on my laptop is a Logitech C270 that works with skype. So if you're not up to it, that's fine. tiox maybe this is useful Yes, thank you. I know, but this is less hassle because I can connect the camera straight to a laptop. I need to find the specific sound driver for it. I need to get sound from it, actually. tiox: what kind of sound card is it exactly? I think it's a Realtek sound card. I have no idea how to check. tiox: sudo lshw -C sound should show your card But,




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Gta V 3dm Err No Launcher

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