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CTRF become employers!

This year, for the first time, CTRF has become an employer. After a long time without a Tenants Participation Officer we have advertised, interviewed and employed our own.

Dave Crozier started at the beginning of June and comes from a Community Development background. He has a lot of experience in working with communities, research and consultation, the co-production approach (working with people not always for or at them) and he lives in Alloa himself.

Dave had this to say “Having been in many roles since I graduated 10 years ago including a volunteer, Community Development Worker roles, being a Youth Worker, working with the homeless and even in care homes I knew that applying to the job with Clackmannanshire Tenants and Residents Federation was the right choice for me. I can see that the skills I have learned over the years from university and in employment will hugely benefit me as I step into this role.

I know I will have lots to learn. From the team, colleagues in the council and third sector and I have no doubt I will also learn from volunteers once we are ready to take them on. I have always pushed myself to do the best job I can and I am sure I will enjoy all the learning ahead of me.

I’m lucky as I know lots of agencies in Alloa from a previous role so I can re-engage with these people and before long I am sure that I will be making new connections throughout Clackmannanshire.

The team and I have lots of ideas on how to promote ourselves and let the community know that we are here to help. Hopefully as the weeks and months go on our vision will become a reality.”

Dave, our TPO promoting CTRF

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