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About Us

About Us

CTRF was set up in 1993. The Federation aims to promote the rights of tenants and residents groups in Clackmannanshire in the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions and communities.  We achieve this by:

  • encouraging and assisting with the development of tenants and residents associations in Clackmannanshire;

  • co-operating with statutory and voluntary organisations on matters of common concern and benefit to the members of the Federation;

  • encouraging active dialogue and participation in issues of community interest, spirit and enterprise, throughout Clackmannanshire, that are relevant to Federation members;

  • upholding equal opportunities and working towards good relations among all members of the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct which discriminates or harasses on the grounds of race, religion, disability, political beliefs, sex or sexual orientation.

Membership of the Federation is open to all tenants and residents, residents associations, community councils, and other community organisations, who apply for membership and are accepted by the Federation as members. Membership is open to individuals living in Clackmannanshire in an area not covered by a constituted local community organisation. 

What we do

CTRF has been tirelessly working for 25 years representing the tenants and residents of Clackmannanshire County with issues concerning individuals and communities.  We work in partnership with all departments in Clackmannanshire Council -

Housing, Homeless, Planning, Roads, Land Services, Safety, Anti-social behaviour, Environmental etc.

We also work closely with—Police, Health, Education, Social Work, Local Housing Associations, Local Politicians, Residents and Local Community Groups in the County of Clackmannanshire.

Our Mission Statement is:

We are focussed on the real issues affecting the residents and tenants in the County of Clackmannanshire and ensure that you are represented and supported on a local and national level, assisting residents to express their views, try to influence policies and challenge decisions made.  We hope to continue to grow and engage with the community, raising awareness and supporting community members where ever we can.

What we do


We are always looking for volunteers to join and support CTRF.  There is a lot to gain from volunteering. It’s a great way to use your talents to help others, but it’s also a great way to share your talents and expertise or gain work experience, learn new skills, meet new people and making new friends and knowing that you are contributing to make your community a better place now and the future. If you have some time to spare we would love to hear from you. Please contact us for more information.  We would love to hear from you.

Some of the Volunteering Roles supporting CTRF are:

  • Assisting with events and campaigns in Clackmannanshire County.

  • Supporting CTRF at Liaison Meetings in Clackmannanshire County.

  • Assisting with drop-in centres, general administration and organisation.

  • Supporting CTRF as case workers with clients to resolve issues.

  • Social media management and event planning

  • Attending community group meetings and Council and Housing Association meetings in Clackmannanshire County as a CTRF representative.


Contact Us

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